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Today, CAC Dubai is well-known in the market and is committed to delivering the best air conditioning solutions. Feel Free to give us a call or continue browsing our website to learn more about our services & area of operations.


AC System Supply Services

We do supply ac units from all major air conditioning brands in U.A.E. We supply ac for homeowners to contractors on a minimal margin direct from the maker, especially O General AC in U.A.E. if you need Supply or installation of O General AC in Dubai. So give us a call, and we will offer you an exceptional price.


Installation Services

Whether you bought AC from us or any other vendor, you can hire us for installation. We do ac installation of all kinds, whether split ac or a central ac. We even do the modification and ac ducting from scratch for fit-out companies.


Other Services We Offer

For any maintenance related to your air con, we cover it. You can trust us as we have been in the business for a very long period and knows every technical or possible repair needed for your air-con.


Maintenance Services

We provide preventive & emergency HVAC maintenance for all kinds of air conditioners in Dubai. When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, we provide quality care for your new or old air conditioning system.

Regular maintenance will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs and ensure your air conditioning system runs smoothly, efficiently, and safely.


Repair Services

We provide comprehensive ac repair & diagnostics in Dubai; Fast & Free Quotes are Provided. We can fix any repair related to your HVAC unit, from electrical faults to mechanical issues diagnosis, and most of the time, on-site repair facility.


Cleaning Services

Expert ac filter cleaning, disinfection, and ac gas top-up services. Get professionals to do your Air Conditioning Cleaning. Whether it's central ac, split ac, duct type ac, or a chiller aircon, we service and clean it all.
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Coil Cleaning

We provide AC Condenser Coil Cleaning Services in Dubai. Our modern tools and premium cleaning services make your ac more efficient. So call us now and breathe the fresh cool air.


Ducts Cleaning

Around 72 trillion allergens enter homes daily, most of which settle in a cool and humid areas of ac ducts, creating mold and destroying hygiene. We use proper equipment and chemicals to clean and tidy your ac duct. 

We have modern and up-to-date equipment for duct cleaning  and disinfection services. Simply send us your inquiry to get the best and most competitive rates for air ducts cleaning.

How often does an air conditioner require service?

There is a routine A/C maintenance Dubai support that pays off more than keeping a repair plan for your cooling unit. Not only will you give yourself the most obvious opportunity to stay cool all late spring and maintain a strategic distance from crisis breakdowns, but you’ll also save cash on your utility bills with Aircon service Dubai.


Call our Team for Instant Services if your AC is leaking, giving a foul odor, having tripping issues, electrical issues, awful noise, or just a regular service.