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General Air Conditioning

Fujitsu General Air Conditioners

The real General of AC in Cooling Efficienty and REliability

In 1971, Fujitsu General launched their air conditioning business, establishing the global brand General Air Conditioners. With a commitment to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and improved user control, they have kept up with advanced technology and manufacturing methods to deliver quality products.

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General air conditioners are ideal for small and large premises with more than one room to provide efficient cooling in all your rooms. Moreover, the latest Inverter Technology ensures a longer life span for air conditioners and saves electricity. Apart from cooling solutions, O General has a wide range of commercial air cooling machines such as VRF, Ceiling, and Ducted air conditioning systems.

O General Wall Mounted Split AC 2.5 Ton (30000 BTU) - General Air Conditioners

Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners

Popular Wall Mount Type AC System by O'general

Available in traditional and inverter compressor ranges, A wall-mount split AC is Perfect for the modern home that wants a stylish unit. O General Split AC is equipped with a 6-speed control so you can attune it to what you want and need to stay comfortable. When you're looking for a split AC in the U.A.E, you'll find that the competition can lead you astray, but if you rely on this unit, you'll stay where it's safe and reputable. Perfect for your search for the right split AC by General air conditioners.

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Window Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners

Window Type Ac System by O'general

A practical choice that will provide clean, fresh cool air and keep you comfortable even on the hottest days when you wouldn't have thought it possible, there is a reason that an O'General window AC is still on the market. This quality option is undoubtedly part of it. Modern technologies go a long way, and when they're combined with the best interests of the traditional models out there, it goes even further.

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Ducted Split Air Conditioners

Ducted Split Air Conditioners

Duct Type AC System by O'general

A ducted split AC will offer you quality cooling in single or multiple rooms using ductwork to provide as high an efficiency as possible. You'll be able to choose from three options when looking for the right match for your needs and a general ducted split AC. O'General provides quality ducted split ACs in the U.A.E to ensure your home stays cool and healthy. Our range of reliable, cost-effective air conditioning systems suits your cooling-specific requirements.

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  • Cassette Air Conditionerโ€‹s

    O General cassette-type ac units have advanced features such as auto swing, self-diagnosis functions, advanced filters, and an energy-saving mode. They also come with a wireless remote control for easy operation and maintenance.

  • Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioners

    Contact us for O General Ceiling suspended air conditioning units installed to the ceiling to provide swift and adequate cooling in large rooms. Ceiling-suspended air conditioner units, fit directly onto the ceiling and feature swing louvers that effectively circulate cool air around a spacious space.

  • VRF Systems

    VRF (variable refrigerant flow) by O General is an energy-saving system that provides individual zone control and distinct comfort within commercial facilities. VRF is a ductless, large-scale system for HVAC that functions at a high capacity.


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Answering Your Questions

People also ask (FAQs)

Which country made O'General AC?

O'General AC is a brand of air conditioners manufactured by Japan-based Fujitsu General Limited. Their air conditioners are made in Thailand.

Which AC of O General is best?

The O General ASGH18CXTA-U Split Air Conditioner is the best air conditioner from O General. It has a 5-star energy rating and R32 Refrigerant with Zero Ozone Depletion. It has a blue fin coating that protects outdoor units and prevents bacteria accumulation; furthermore, you can opt-in for Optional Wi-Fi control with FGL Air.

Is O'General AC energy efficient?

Yes, O'General ACs are energy efficient. They use highly efficient compressors and other components to reduce energy consumption and provide maximum cooling for a given amount of power.

What is so special about O General AC?

O General ACs are some of the most energy-efficient air conditioners in the market, offering up to 5 times higher energy efficiency than standard models. They also come with an array of features such as advanced filtration systems, advanced cooling technology, and sleep timers for efficient and comfortable operation. O General products also come with a 5-year warranty on their compressors for added peace of mind.

Do You Provide Installation Service for Ogeneral AC?

Yes! Not only do we supply air conditioners, but we also provide installation services for all kinds of air conditioners.