5 Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips


Dubai is a beautiful city of adventure, opportunity, and culture. Unfortunately, it is also a place where the sun is hot all year round. Air conditioning maintenance is crucial to staying cool if you are a home or business owner in Dubai. We recommend regular professional help, but there are a few things you can do on your own to ensure your air conditioning is running well.

Here Are 5 Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips


1. Test Your Air

Taking the time to test your air can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Most people think their system is good to go when it operates in its usual setting. However, the natural way to check your system’s condition is to cool your space a little more than you plan on using it regularly.

This is the first thing you should do if you are in a new home or business location. Set the air to a cooler temperature than you usually would, and see how well it performs for about an hour.

This shows you what the system can or cannot handle and if you do or do not need to call in a professional.

2. Clean Your Filter

Another quick tip at home is to check your air unit’s filter.

Especially in a place like Dubai, where your air conditioning is working hard year-round, a clean filter is a simple way of ensuring good air.

Good air means the system pushes out the proper air without working too hard. When a filter gets dirty, it can cause a unit to overwork due to decreased airflow.

It also means no excess dirt or dust from the filter getting into your work or living space.

Check your filter once every month, or clean it if your system has a reusable filter.

3. Upgrade the Thermostat

New technology is making ac repair easier than before.

Older mechanical thermostats had to be programmed manually. In addition, home and business owners needed to be present in the space to change the air as the day got hotter or more relaxed.

Programmable thermostats have changed that and have allowed air conditioning systems to run more efficiently. So if you are regularly in and out of the house, you can set your air accordingly with a programmable thermostat.

A good practice is to have your air set hotter when you are out and program it to start cooling the house down about half an hour before you usually get home.

This saves energy and money while keeping you cool when you need to be.

4. Check the Outside Unit

Another good tip to practice when you are home is to look at the outside Unit.

Just like having a good filter inside your system, dirt on the outside can also affect its efficiency.

Make sure the space around the filter is clear of dirt, leaves, or big bushes that may clog airflow.

5. Practice Safety Tips

Safety is always essential during air conditioning maintenance, especially when checking the outside Unit.

Always ensure your system is turned off and cooled down before changing the filter or cleaning the area. This protects you from harm and your system from damage.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

Air conditioning maintenance can be as simple as these five tips, but sometimes can be more complicated.

If you think your aircon could be running more efficiently, or need a second opinion, contact us today.

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