How Often Should I Get An Air Duct Cleaning?


When was the last time you had an Air Duct Cleaning

This information shouldn’t be new to you. But, if you haven’t had an air duct cleaning for a while, it’s time to have one.
What, though, constitutes “a while”?
According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association(NADCA), you should get your air ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years.
That said, use the numbers as little more than a guideline. Doing so will allow you to keep your ducts relatively clean.

You Have Allergies

Those pesky allergies won’t stay away. We try all air purifiers only to sneeze and sniffle for the season. But, sadly, your allergies just aren’t going away.
But the grime in your air ducts could go away soon if you invest in a good cleaning.
Put, your allergies mandate that you clean your ducts more often. So the NADCA’s recommendation? You might want to stick with the lower limit.
We’d suggest that you consider getting them cleaned more frequently. Perhaps you could try, for example, cleaning them every 2.5 years instead.

You Have A Pet

Puppies and kittens are the stuff of life. They cuddle you and kiss you and have accidents on your rugs from time to time.
What’s not to love?
Well, pet dander.
Pet dander is just one of the realities of pet ownership. We try our best to manage the danger with cleaning products, but we can’t fight it all. Consequently, our pet owners should get their ducts cleaned more frequently than others.
And if you have allergies and own pets?
Let’s say you’ll be cleaning your air ducts more often than you’d like.

You Don’t Know How Long It’s Been Since The Last Cleaning

Imagine that you’ve just moved into a new house. The previous owners left you some information about the house, but not much.
This means you don’t know what state the air ducts are in.
Guess what? You need to err on the side of caution and get them cleaned.
And if the ducts didn’t require cleaning after all? At least you and your family will have ultra-clean air to breathe.

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