The 5 Signs That Prove You Need An AC Repair

Baby, it's cold outside! – said no one ever in Dubai. It's hot and toasty year-round, so there's never a "downtime" to let your air conditioner lapse into disrepair. You never want to lose your cool, so keep an eye out for the hot signs of your machine needing prominent AC Repair Services.

Got No Air? AC Repair!


Don't get "burned!"

Probably the most significant sign that you need AC repair in Dubai is – you guessed it – little to no air coming out of your conditioner.

Now it's true that things get broiling in the midday summer, but a good air conditioner is built to withstand even the most extended, hottest heat.

If you put your face near a vent and don't feel the breeze, it's time for a repair.

Age Isn't Just a Number

Did your air conditioner come with your house without a word from the previous owner when it was installed? Or can you remember how long it's been since you bought the air conditioner or had a technician out for a complete repair?

The governing body of energy and efficiency, Energy Star, recommends we replace our air conditioners every ten years.

And they recommend you get it checked by a skilled AC repair technician more often than that. Keeping your AC on a regular maintenance program can extend the unit's life.

Look for Leaks

Even if your air conditioner is cooling correctly (though not for long), it may need to run better and could cost you money.
If you notice leaks around the base of the unit or from any tubing going from or to the machine, call your trusted AC repair person immediately.

When your air conditioner compressor goes wrong, you'll hear noises, see leaks, and strip your machine from being able to run at its best.
Don't let it happen. Make it a point to walk around your unit monthly and check the ground around it.

Shhh: Your Air Conditioner is Talking

Well, it would be nice if your air conditioner could say, "PSSST! Hey! I'm leaking! Something is wrong! Call the AC repair guy now!"
Alas, it can't, but your air conditioner does indeed attempt to get your attention with various noises it makes.

Here's a clue: You never want to hear your air conditioner make noise. Sure, some older units are louder than others, but the goal is whisper-soft cooling.

Don't Sweat It!

The time to think about AC repair differs from when it's 40 degrees in the shade. So prepare in advance and get an air conditioner checkup from us.

We are experts in this, and we already know and have worked on your exact make and model. This means we can give you some excellent estimates on what you may need to repair and when.
We'll have you enjoying the cool in no time!

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